25 Years of Experience

Our Milan-based architectural company provides services in fair stand design, showroom design, interior design, urban design, 3D modelling and realistic render, decor plan, planning, restaurant design, complete residential building project.

We provide full service with high quality and affordable materials from different countries, with our local team in the country where the design will be made, with our italian architects and design team, sales team, site team, factory team, and 25 years of experience.

Z. Savrun
/ Co-Founder

Industrial Engineer

Zeynel Abidin Tokgöz
/ Co-Founder

Interior Architect and Environmental Designer

Chiara Ambrosino
/ Sales Manager

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Vincenzo Ruggiero
/ Sales Manager

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Massimiliano Di Leva
/ Electronics Engineer

Site Chief

Muhammed S.
/ Sales Manager

United Arab Emirates Regional Manager

Martina Milazzo
/ Architect

Exterior Design Consultant

Nüvi Güler
/ Graphic Designer

Graphic Manager of the Company and Customers

Matteo Conti
/ Carpenter

Factory Manager

Marilisa Rizzo
/ Sales Manager

Customer Representative During the Project

Gennaro Costa
/ Senior Architect

Area Manager

Chiara Bianchi
/ Industrial Designer

Fair Stand Designer

Tonia Esposito
/ Product Designer

3D Designer for Customer Products

Adriano Bonucci
/ Construction Engineer

Structure Inspector

/ Information